First Lady Willie Mae Greer is married to Savella Greer Sr. of McKinney, TX and the result of this union was born six children, who faithfully help and support them in the ministry.  First Lady Greer travels regularly with her husband to various states throughout the U.S.

First Lady Greer's ministry has many duties that she performs in the church. She is currently the founder and director of Unique Deliverance Praise Angels, with her husband she helps oversee the clothing and food pantry.  She started the young women's bible study group with a strong emphasis on living holy.

She loves people and has a strong will to lead them to Christ and is blessed in intercessory prayer, and has a prophetic calling on her life.  She has a counseling ministry and sometimes counsels pastors and pastors' wives and intercedes for various people via the telephone where there have been great testimonies of healing and miracles.

First Lady Greer was an honor student in high school and often times assisted her teachers with various duties.  She loves the Lord and is very faithful to God and she touches many lives throughout her ministry.


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